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Sermons by Pastor Ron Young Jr  Pastor of Plantation Road Baptist Church


Current Series: An Exposition of Hebrews (April 1, 2012 - Present)
Hebrews 1:1-3 (04/01/12)
Hebrews 1 (04/08/12) [Resurrection Sunday]
Hebrews 1 (04/15/12) ["Perception vs. Reality"]
Hebrews 1 (04/22/12) ["The Way"--comparisons to Jesus]
Hebrews 1 (04/29/12) [Jesus Christ, the Son of God]

Hebrews 1:1-3

Signs of Salvation in the True Christian:
Men Hate Light
Backsliding Shall He Live
No Perseverance without Preservation
The Tares Shall Burn
Born From Above
That the World May Know
You Must Know and Go to Jesus
You Will Repent When You See the Light
True Members
True Work of God on Your Heart
The True Gift of Christ Jesus
Man at the Waters

Revival--It Begins With God:
Salvation is of the Lord
What Now?
Is Christ Really Your Motivation?
The Only Acceptable to God
Have You Really Heard the Word?
Do You Truly Love Jesus?
Your Role in God's Revival
Desire the Pure Milk
Ask, Seek, and Knock For What You Need

The Lord's Supper:
The Lord's Supper, part 1
The Lord's Supper, part 2
The Lord's Supper, part 3
Are You Playing Church?
God Will Punish Sin
What Do You War Against?
Your Imagination is Worthless
God Commands You to Repent
What He Has Done
The Truth of Being Born Again
No One Can Approach God
The Key to Knowing If You're Saved
How To Be Saved
The Memorial of the Slain
What Have You Sought?
And Then?
Resurrection: The Joy and The Sorrow
Is Your Faith Earned or Proven
God's Law Convicting His Children
Recalibrate Your Conscience
Hard Words Against God
Robbing God
Is Christ Refining You?
Unacceptable Worship
The Difference God's Love Makes
Buying God's Friendship
The Real Love of the Church
Playing Church
Are You Walking Worthy of Your Calling?
The Providence of God In Christ
What Spirit Are You Filled With?
Gauge Your Fruit
Are You Christ's Disciple?
Is Jesus Hid From You?
God Chastens His Own
God: Great and Glorious
Jude 1a
Jude 1b
Jude 1c
Jude 2
Jude 3
Jude 4
Jude 4-5
Jude 6
Jude 7
Jude 8
Jude 10
Jude 11a
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Jude 12a
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Jude 13a
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Jude 14
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Jude 17-19
Jude 20a
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Jude Summary
1 John 5:
1 John 5:10
1 John 5:11-12
1 John 5:13
1 John 5:14
1 John 5:14-15
1 John 5:16-17
1 John 5:18
1 John 5:19
1 John 5:20
1 John 5:21

2 John:
2 John 1
2 John 2
2 John 3a
2 John 3b
2 John 4
2 John 5
2 John 6
2 John 7
2 John 8
2 John 9
2 John 10
2 John 11
2 John 12-13

3 John:
3 John 1
3 John 2
3 John 3-8
3 John 9-10
3 John 10
3 John 11
3 John 12-14

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